Form Generator Features

Enjoy these features for free:

  • Takes simple Excel files
  • Freely layout the format
  • Enables you to gather GPS, Signatures, Photos
  • Structured export of your data
  • Apps work offline (progressive web apps!)
  • Free with ads or completely your own for a small fee!

From simple input forms for surveys to complex membership sign-ups or time reporting features: Drop2App gives you the flexibility you need!

Download the example Excel file with (currently) all supported field types. The file contains all possible fields you can use.

Download Master XLS File

All fields:
Form Generator Fields Supported

Your Excel file must be formatted in a specific way in order to create an app automatically!
That data will be serialized and transmitted into the Drop2App cloud, when you sync your data.

  • Column A: Text
    The label for the input field is stated. Light HTML codes can be used here! You may use any language written from left to right. Other languages will be displayed also left to right (Arabic, Japanese, etc.).
  • Column B: Command
    The command for the field generator. It can be any of those and can not be translated in other languages:
    • GPS
    • Checkbox
    • Date
    • DateTime
    • Download
    • Drawing
    • Email
    • Information
    • List
    • Note
    • Num
    • Password
    • Paypal
    • Photo
    • Postal
    • SEPA
    • Signature
    • Text
    • Time
  • Column C: Options
    This column is used for optional values for the fields (eg. for Drop Down Lists).
  • Column D: Parameters
    Here addtional values are stored and we will update the options once in a while. Download the latest file to see, what is possible now.

This shall give you a solid overview of the options. Now go to the examples and generate your own app or web form instantly!
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